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Vinyl Plank Flooring: Is it the Better Option for You?

Here at Cousins Hardwood Floors, we work with many clients that are not sure if new hardwood flooring installation is right for their Suffolk County, NY home. Although we always stand behind the choice to install new hardwood floors, there are other options that may suit your needs a little bit better. One of those options is vinyl plank flooring. This often serves as a substitute for traditional hardwood floors. Whether your reason is to save on cost, labor, or maintenance down the line, installing vinyl plank flooring could be a great substitute.

Vinyl Plank Flooring is Easy to Install

Many people choose to go for vinyl plank flooring simply because it is a much easier installation process than hardwood flooring installation. Typically vinyl planks are glued down to your floor or by a gloating option with stone polymer. These are quick installation processes that will have you enjoying the look of hardwood floors quicker than you would should you choose to install hardwood flooring. Aside from the easy installation, vinyl plank flooring is also a more cost effective flooring installation option if you are looking to give your Suffolk County, NY home a new look at a lower cost.

Style Versatility

One of the things that vinyl flooring has in common with hardwood flooring is that they are both available in a wide variety of styles. If you are interested in going the vinyl flooring path, you do not have to choose the look of hardwood. You can choose stone, tile, or classic hardwood aesthetics. This all depends on what your style is for your Suffolk County, NY home. Much like hardwood, a vinyl plank flooring option is also a style choice that is likely to stay stylish for years to come.

Strong, Low Maintenance, and Waterproof

If you decide to install vinyl flooring planks, you will be happy to know you are choosing a heavy foot traffic friendly option. Vinyl flooring planks are quite durable, to withstand a lot of foot traffic in a busy home. The next benefit to that is that the vinyl is very easy to clean. Most of the time a quick run with a swiffer is all it takes to get them looking brand new. Another bonus is that vinyl flooring planks are completely waterproof. This can give you peace of mind when people bring in water from outside, or spill anything on the floor. If you have a large family, this may be a great option for you to give your Suffolk County, NY home a makeover at less cost with less maintenance.

No matter the flooring option you choose, the team at Cousins Hardwood Floors is here for you. Our team of expert craftsmen is ready to give your Suffolk County, NY home the makeover it deserves. For a free estimate on our vinyl flooring packages please contact us anytime!

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